Trump whips up support for Republican candidates

Alicia Cross
November 5, 2018

Obama rallied Democrats in Gary, Indiana, on behalf of Sen.

She also said that President Trump is delivering results for women in America. "That's going to be fun on the debate stage when we debate one of the lefties".

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pumping another $5 million in national advertising into the final two days before the midterm elections, urging voters to support Democrats because of his concern about "the direction of our nation".

"It's one of the most conservative districts in California", CNN's Maeve Reston said, citing Hunter's early support of Trump in 2016. Elizabeth Warren of MA, both considered possible 2020 contenders. The blue wave could very well happen, though it's a GOP lock in the Senate.

In a tweet Saturday, Trump said the rumor is Donnelly paid for the Facebook ads.

Said Fleischer: "In the aftermath people with exaggerate its meaning and in 2 years' time everything will have changed".

Trump is holding rallies later today in Georgia and Tennessee.

Hoosiers don't want another "yes man" in Congress, the former president said.

Knight led the noisy crowd in chants of "Go Get 'Em, Donald".

The Senate battleground couldn't be worse for Democrats - it's a group of red states like Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana and West Virginia, where Trump won by double digits in 2016.

That's why Democrats have been hammering their Republican opponents over the party's repeated attempts to dismantle the ACA and pave the way for insurance companies to once again raise premiums on people with preexisting conditions. He said he had received information from Mexico about these migrants.

But Trump said, "All I'm doing is just telling the truth".

He also claimed, without evidence, that among the migrants "invading" the U.S. there are gang members and "bad people". He has warned the migrants to avoid throwing rocks at US border security and military personnel, saying they will treat projectile stones as "firearms".

Ethnic Tamil party pledges vote against Sri Lankan strongman
At least three more deputies from the TNA, which has 16 in the 225-member parliament, are expected to go over to the Rajapakse. However, Wickremesinghe insisted he was still prime minister and demanded a vote in parliament to prove his majority.

Sisters found tied together in NY river identified
The official also refuted reports the family was told it must return to Saudi Arabia because the girls had applied for asylum. The Saudi embassy in Washington said yesterday that it was extending its "support and aid in this trying time" to the family.

Appeared renderings of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10
The Galaxy S10 will have the heavy task of bringing new and it seems that this is the case, according to a report from Bloomberg . Though, Samsung , Huawei, Microsoft and Xiaomi are few of the companies who are working on manufacturing a foldable smartphone .

Many gathered on this Thursday night don't condone everything Trump says or does, but are willing to look the other way because they are convinced he is putting the country back on the right course.

Republicans are favoured to retain their slight majority in the US Senate, now at two seats, which would let them retain the power to approve US Supreme Court and other judicial nominations on straight party-line votes.

While Stewart's earlier campaigns for state-wide office fizzled out and he now trails in the polls behind the Democratic Party candidate and 2016 candidate for vice president, Tim Kaine, Trump's ascent buoyed Stewart, which is especially remarkable in a swing state like Virginia that has traditionally elected moderate Democrats or Republicans with broad appeal, such as longtime Republican Senator John Warner.

A third Republican seat with a retiring incumbent, near the eastern city of Allentown, is rated as leaning Democratic. "Anybody going to vote for Donnelly in this room?"

Trump didn't present a complete picture of Manchin's voting record.

The Republicans' two-year lock on the entire United States government - the House, the Senate, the presidency, and, with the recent addition of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court - could be broken.

Without pointing to specific legislation, Trump warned Democrats in power would install "taxes like you've never seen before" to fund a "socialist takeover".

In the run-up to the midterms on Tuesday, Obama said, Republicans are once again using fear as a political tactic by portraying the caravan of refugees traveling through Mexico toward the USA border as a threat to America's national sovereignty.

Some in the White House think losing to Democrats might actually be preferable.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that the pair voted by absentee ballot "a few weeks ago" in NY, where their primary residence is located. He is supporting Republican Brian Kemp, the Georgia secretary of state, who is locked in a tight contest with Democrat Stacey Abrams, a state lawmaker, in their race for the Georgia governorship.

NY law allows absentee voting only under particular circumstances, including absence on Election Day or illness. Trump visits Fort Wayne, Indiana, Monday to rally for Braun. It will be held at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum at 6:30 p.m.

So it was highly inconvenient for true believers when the would-be bomber turned out to be a fanatical Trump supporter who lives in Florida and drives a white van covered in hate-filled depictions of his targets.

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