USA commanders announce units deploying to southern border

Aaron Brown
November 2, 2018

The group of thousands of Central American migrants traveling north stopped Wednesday near the southern Mexican city of Juchitán de Zaragoza, about 1,000 miles away from the nearest USA border entry in McAllen, Texas.

President Donald Trump says asylum seekers must go to ports of entry in order to make a claim.

President Donald Trump maintained his focus on immigration Wednesday, saying Central American migrants in at least two caravans moving north toward the USA border include "tough fighters" and criticizing the Mexican military for being "unable or unwilling" to deter them.

That's according to three people familiar with the plans who spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday on the condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly. Rights organisations decried the earlier announcement, describing it as an abuse of the military to "further [the president's] anti-immigrant agenda of fear and division". "They should apply to come into our country".

He has ramped up the rhetoric daily ahead of next Tuesday's midterm congressional elections, accusing the opposition Democrats of wanting to throw open the borders to floods of "tough people", "rapists" and other types of threats.

A migrant carrying the flags of Mexico and Honduras walks along the highway as a thousands-strong caravan of Central Americans hoping to reach the USA border moves onward from Juchitan, Oaxaca state, Mexico on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Gutierrez explained there have been multiple instances where migrants have been "very violent", while rebelling against border authorities.

"They got a lot of rough people in these caravans". -Mexican border in response to the still far-off caravans - roughly double the number the Pentagon said it now plans for a mission whose dimensions are shifting daily.

Migrant caravans will be met with full force, says Pentagon
His experience with the caravan had taught him one thing, he said: "The next time, I'm going to need a 'coyote, '" or smuggler. Under the Posse Comitatus Act , federal troops are mostly prohibited from engaging in domestic law enforcement activities.

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When asked on Thursday if troops would use force on migrants and refugees, Trump said if individuals are throwing rocks, they would be treated as if they have firearms.

The president on Wednesday indicated that 15,000 troops would be sent to the border. 1,800 of those military members will be sent to Texas, with another 1,700 to be sent to Arizona and 1,500 sent to California.

That means more than 9,000 troops have already been committed to military operations on the border and Trump, who is prone to hyperbole, on Wednesday said the final number could swell to 15,000 troops.

The official added that verbal orders went out this past weekend to some units and additional written orders are starting Monday.

It has been a tumultuous journey so far for the leading caravan, which is now estimated to contain around 4,000 people - down from a peak of more than 7,000.

The Mexican government, has, in fact, taken a fairly contradictory stance on helping or hindering the first caravan, reflecting the country's balancing act: Officials don't want to irk Trump, but Mexicans themselves have long suffered mistreatment as migrants. It adds: "Democrats let him into our country..."

The spot includes expletives uttered by Bracamontes during his trial professing regret at not killing more officials.

It was reminiscent of the infamous "Willie Horton" ad used against Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis in 1988 and condemned as racist.

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