TOM HARDY's 'Favorite Scenes' Were Cut From VENOM

Emmett Rice
October 5, 2018

The first social media reactions to Venom have arrived - and the Twitter reviews have been largely negative, give or take a few dissenters.

The character was originally just a sentient alien costume - made out of a living organism known as Symbiote - that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984). Eddie soon runs afoul of world-renowned scientist and inventor Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed); they clash during an interview that goes so badly for Eddie that he's fired from his job and his fiancee Annie (Michelle Williams) promptly leaves him after she's canned from her job. The Venom symbiote now shares Eddie's body, usually depicted as an invisible voice in his head, but occasionally emerging as a fanged monster with a penchant for human flesh. "It just sort of sits there, beating you numb, unsure of whether it wants to be a comic-book movie or put the whole idea of comic-book movies in its crosshairs". With Tom Hardy given free rein to be as twitchy and slapstick-disastrous as he wants, it's hard to believe this movie came out in 2018.

Determined to prove that Drake is up to no good, Brock snoops around the Life Foundation lab in search of evidence and gets infected by a symbiote.

It's this simplistic take that takes away from the enjoyment of 'Venom.' Surprisingly, it is Venom who has the most character beats, but since the film is taken from Eddie Brock's point-of-view, we don't actually get to see and enjoy the shifts in Venom's character. Partly, this is due to the fact that, as an origin story, this one seems rote and unimaginative. Today's Nerdist News is cutting through the chatter "like a turd in the wind" to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly responses to Venom. The film careens back and forth between buddy comedy and proto-apocalyptic science fiction in such a ham-handed manner that it feels as though large chunks of connective tissue are missing. It's kind of astonishing how bad both Hardy and Williams (and Ahmed, for that matter) are in this movie, but Eddie and Anne are barely one-dimensional characters with nearly nothing of substance to do.

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It's hard to remember, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now Hollywood's most consistently successful franchise, is built around second-tier characters: Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk-the core heroes who comprise the Avengers-were B-list properties.

Venom will hail from Sony's Marvel Universe of characters and will not be a spinoff of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, wherein Sony allows Spider-Man to be played by Tom Holland. So what I'm saying is I had a lot of time improvising and a lot of freedom to play with Venom. And also technology has evolved so much in that time that it felt like we could do a photo-real Venom for this movie.

As bad as it eventually gets, Venom does a lot right at first.

Hardy said Venom has similarities to several classic monster movies. "Thirty years later, you've got a big movie!" In the lead up to this film's release, reports emerged suggesting that Lady Gaga's fans had been writing fake reviews of Venom as a way to sabotage its box office performance, thereby helping the opening of Gaga's film A Star Is Born.

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