Trump's callous tweet about Kavanaugh accuser sparks Senate turmoil

Aaron Brown
September 22, 2018

That aide wasn't authorised to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. On Thursday evening, Ford's lawyers reiterated that she would not testify Monday, but said she "would be prepared to testify next week" if offered "terms that are fair and which ensure her safety". Ford now wants it to be shifted to later in the week, and has sought, through her attorney, a guarantee for her security. Reporters had assigned seating and were kept separated from the nominee, who was whisked to and from the room. She wants the FBI to investigate to establish a baseline of facts about what she and others say before she'll agree to talk to the Judiciary Committee, especially in a public hearing.

The lawyers said Ford was opposed to being questioned by outside counsel, according to Politico.

"It seems kind of silly because it's high school", the physician's assistant said as she walked into a shopping mall in Lone Tree, Colorado.

He also took aim at Ford and others who have called on the FBI to investigate her allegations. In a CNN interview later in the week, Hirono blasted Republicans for suggesting they would move along without her if she decided not to testify. He then added that he thinks it's "very unfair" what's happening to Kavanaugh.

Attorney Debra Katz said anew that Ford, 51, a psychology professor in California, has received death threats and for safety reasons has relocated her family.

Ford was 15 years old at the time she alleges Kavanaugh attacked her.

In the call later Thursday, Katz asked the committee to subpoena Mark Judge, whom Ford has named as the other teen in the room at the time. Assessing them would be not just the committee's 21 senators -only four of whom are women, all Democrats - but also millions of viewing voters.

Kavanaugh, who's been eager to testify, said he was ready to appear Monday.

Grassley also asked Feinstein to send him a copy of the original, unredacted letter from Ford. "I continue to want a hearing as soon as possible so that I can clear my name", he wrote. Charles Grassley (R) of Iowa is the chairman of the committee and has said he cannot compel an FBI investigation because only the White House, which oversees the agency, can do that.

Mr Trump's tweet could affect GOP support among women going into the midterm elections.

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"I think if Senator Feinstein had raised this with Senator Grassley in July, the likely next step would have been asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to go out and investigate" Ford's story, Nunziata says. Sen. But he said he wants her to testify, saying, "I really want to see her, to see what she has to say" and that if it takes the Senate a little longer to confirm Kavanaugh, so be it. "Having represented people in this situation, I think that all people should get the medical care that they need, get the emotional care that they need, but I think it's very few and far between that we recommend people file a police report".

She said Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and groped her, putting his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream. Dr. Blasey has said she is willing to appear before the committee next week, and she deserves to be treated with respect, and sensitivity to the trauma she has endured as a result of her assault.

That's different from what Miranda wrote Wednesday in a now-deleted Facebook post that stated definitively, "The incident DID happen, many of us heard about it in school".

But it seemed nearly certain that Kavanaugh would testify last, a position attorneys believe is advantageous because it allows a rebuttal of any charges. Earlier on Thursday, Kavanaugh said he wanted to testify even if Ford did not show.

Just 9 percent of Democrats support Kavanaugh's confirmation, compared with 70 percent of Republicans. Vice President Mike Pence would break a tie.

The confirmation fight has unfolded ahead of November 6 congressional elections in which Democrats are seeking to take control of Congress from Trump's fellow Republicans.

Ford has said she never mentioned the alleged incident to anyone until 2012, when she revealed it during a marriage counseling session with her husband.

The attorney said her client would prefer to wait for the FBI to investigate the accusation before agreeing to testify.

Whelan, an adviser to Kavanaugh's confirmation effort, dumped all this on Twitter Thursday evening.

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