Woodward: Mattis, Kelly Denials Untrue

Aaron Brown
September 11, 2018

When Bob Woodward says that we are not taking seriously the threat posed by a President "so detached from the reality of what's going on", we should all take note.

In the Times op-ed, the unnamed senior Trump administration official attacked the President's "amorality" and reckless decision-making and said he or she is part of a "resistance" working to thwart Trump's worst impulses. The op-ed writer claimed to be part of a "resistance" movement within the Trump administration that was working quietly behind the scenes to thwart the president's most risky impulses.

"Let me be very clear". (We know this because Woodward recorded the conversation, with Trump's permission.) Woodward has literally built his career on having the receipts, on always being able to produce the tape or the transcript or the document that backs up his reporting. "I wish the people could see the real facts - and our country is doing GREAT!" I know their character. I'll never be a staffer.

"Whoever this was they should do the honorable thing and resign", Pence added.

The White House slammed a newspaper essay on Wednesday attributed to an anonymous administration official that criticized President Trump and suggested that aides have discussed ways to try to remove him from office.

And quite frankly, if there was a person in the White House or the administration who wanted to tell me what's in that op-ed piece, I would say, 'Okay, name me who was there.

In "Fear", Woodward said Chief of Staff John Kelly referred to Trump as an "idiot" and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis compared the president's understanding of military operations in the Korean peninsula to a "fifth or sixth grader".

"In that moment there was a sense of profound alarm in the Pentagon leadership that, my God, one tweet and we have reliable information that the North Koreans are going to read this as "an attack is imminent", Woodward said.

Woodward made the comments to CBS News on Sunday, while promoting his book Fear: Trump in the White House.

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Trump, meanwhile, has denounced the Times opinion piece as "gutless" and its publication as a "disgrace" bordering on treason.

Woodward said of the president, "There's a war on truth by him".

"You can, in an nearly microscopic way, establish what occurred - and that's what I've done in this book".

Trump reacted to the interview on Twitter, calling Woodward a "liar".

"I have no idea who it is".

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says the Department of Justice should look into any attempt to undermine the executive branch, says it's "sad and pathetic" that the anonymous author of the New York Times op-ed is receiving so much media attention. He cited national security concerns as grounds for what would amount to an extraordinary criminal probe should Attorney General Jeff Sessions decide to pursue one.

When asked if it happened with this book, Woodward refused to answer, saying he wants to focus on Trump's actions.

The book tells of an expletive-laden row between Ivanka Trump, the president's eldest daughter and senior adviser, and Steve Bannon, the former chief White House strategist.

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