European Commission to propose an end to daylight savings time

Aaron Brown
September 3, 2018

Since 2002, the change in time was regulated by European Union norms.

Since 1996, the European Union nations have moved the clock forward by one hour in March and back again in October.

According to Juncker, it is pointless to ask for people's opinions and then do nothing about it.

One of its keenest campaigners was William Willett, said to be the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who wanted to avoid the waste of daylight in summer months. If the Commission accepts his proposal, it will be up to the EU member states and the European Parliament to decide whether or not to implement it.

The European Commission launched the survey, asking people whether they would prefer to keep daylight savings time or abolish it, as well as whether they prefer the summertime hours - when clocks are one hour ahead - or wintertime.

The time changes on different dates in the United States, where it starts on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

The Commission said it received 4.6 million responses on the matter from all 28 Member States, the highest number of responses ever received in any public consultation. "I will make every effort to persuade their colleagues of the European Commission to put forward a proposal on the abolition of transition to winter time", - said the head of the EC.

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She also said the European Union would be willing to reduce its vehicle tariffs to zero, if the United States did the same, going beyond the provisional agreement struck in July which referred only to "non-auto industrial goods".

The European Commission published on Friday the preliminary results of an online public survey on clock change in Europe.

Findings "suggest that the effect on the human biorhythm may be more severe than previously thought", the Commission said on its site.

The survey was conducted between July 4 and August 16.

The EU will join a list of countries in recent years to scrap the practice, including Iceland, Russia, Turkey and Belarus.

Those in favor of the time change say the extra light in the morning during standard time and and additional evening light in summer can help prevent road accidents. Opponents say that many people have a hard time adjusting to the time change and that it only has a short-term negative effect on their health.

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