Sacha Baron Cohen attempts to coax murder confession from O.J. Simpson

Emmett Rice
August 28, 2018

Though viewers were waiting to see Sarah Palin on Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America? after the former Alaska governor said he "duped" her, that segment did not air on the show's season finale.

Simpson was lured in for an interview in Las Vegas for Monaldo's fake show about the rich and famous called "The Diamond Life of Gio" - which describes the 71-year-old as a "women's rights activist". Dressed as the millionaire Italian photographer, Cohen had no qualms asking the former athlete about his deceased ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson's reactions are uncomfortable, awkward. but totally priceless.

"No, I ain't kill nobody", Simpson said, laughing. It wasn't until he made a "stabbing" motion that she finally remembered him. "We're both, how you say, ladykillers". Simpson said. "Help me!"

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His sensational show "Who is America?" continues to fill us with immeasurable nachas (and anxiety.) He strategically chose notorious figures to target with sly barbs and sharp-edged guile. He added: "I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon - oops-a-daisy". As such, Baron Cohen's Monaldo needled Simpson with various jokes about how much he wants to murder his own girlfriend, jokes to which Simpson often chuckled and responded to by giving high-fives. The two joke about Christina going bungee jumping with a cord that's too long. OJ laughs but asks Cohen to stop. Simpson immediately denied the accusation, saying, "No, I didn't kill nobody."The whole bit appeared to be filmed without Simpson's knowledge". He then makes multiple references about murdering people and even name drops O.J.'s then-lawyer, Johnnie Cochran.

Stop the planet, I want to get off. "You know it's not what it sounds like, like in Italian it translates to somebody who, eh, murders women".

Cohen begins the interview by explaining to his character's girlfriend Christina who Simpson is, regaling his exploits on the football field and movie screen.

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