Omarosa releases secret recording of Lara Trump's job offer

Emmett Rice
August 17, 2018

At the end of the interview, Omarosa gave some insight into Donald Trump. The two discussed Omarosa's many taped conversations, which she said she recorded to "cover her back" and "blow the whistle" on the White House's corruption.

The comments were made after DeVos visited Howard University in May 2017 and was booed by the student body.

Lara Trump later issued a lengthy statement in which she called Manigault Newman "a trusted friend" who betrayed the Trump family.

"When Omarosa was sacked by the White House Chief of Staff in December of 2017, my entire family was concerned for her because we had no idea about the basis of her dismissal", Lara Trump said in her statement, confirming Omarosa's assertion.

Until that day comes, Omarosa believes Melania is using her outfit choices as a way to take subtle swipes at her husband and has referenced the infamous 'I don't really care, do u?' jacket she wore to visit detained immigrant children separated from their parents.

Manigault Newman later told Trump about the incident and that's when he called DeVos ditzy.

In her book, Manigault Newman accuses Trump of making derogatory statements about African-Americans, Filipinos and other minorities, as well as exhibiting "forgetfulness and frustration". "I said, Oh, I remember this tape I saw, and I described it exactly".

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Omarosa Manigault-Newman releases recording of 'Trump phone call'
The Washington Post had previously reported on Manigault Newman's account of the conversation with Trump the day after her firing. The recording, if anything, seems to demonstrate Omarosa's own alleged shortcomings given that she was sacked with cause.

"What changed? Clearly within weeks she had been offered money to write a book".

Nonetheless, this is the first time Omarosa has said that Trump hit on her.

Kristen Welker: "Can you stand at the podium and guarantee the American people they'll never hear Donald Trump utter the N-word on a recording in any context?"

In the middle of all of his rambling, which really did require concentration to decipher at times, Arnold shot out, "I'm a insane person, you know that".

It ends with a cringeworthy scene of her addressing a Trump rally, where she tells the crowd 'When I say Trump train, I want you to say 'Choo-choo, ' as the president smiles behind her.

Manigault Newman continued to unleash scathing criticism of the 72-year-old Trump, saying he's in mental decline and unfit to be president, and is intentionally sowing racial division.

Manigault Newman, whose book is out this week, suggested there was more to come: "There's a lot of very corrupt things happening in the White House and I am going to blow the whistle on a lot of them". He enjoyed every single person that was shocked by his abrasiveness, his attack on this African-American male athlete, which is his favorite, go-to thing. She noted that hiring and personnel were the responsibility of others in the White House, but said she has "tons and tons of emails" in which she pushed job candidates for consideration.

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