Trump reply on Russia leads to more clarification

Aaron Brown
July 21, 2018

"Putin and I discussed many important subjects at our earlier meeting".

He also accused past American leaders, rather than Russia's destabilizing actions in the USA and around the world, for the souring of relations between two countries.

"If we're in the majority, we'll probably be more effective and you'd see a lot stronger things protecting American security than you will with this majority, which seems so afraid of President Trump".

The next day, Mr Trump claimed he had misspoke, and had meant to say he did not see any reason why Russian wouldn'tbe responsible for interfering in the 2016 vote.

The president initially appeared to back Putin over his own intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation did, in fact, interfere.

"And I say it all the time".

The president's performance on a world stage against Putin has been deemed an embarrassment and his apparent siding with Putin over his own intelligence officials on the case of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections has been termed as "treason".

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump said "no" after a reporter asked him whether the USA is still a target of Russian-led cyberattacks and meddling into USA elections.

CNBC interviewer Michelle Caruso-Cabrera asked Bannon about all the indications that President Donald Trump likes President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation.

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The president's comment continues his reluctance to strongly condemn President Putin head on for what us intelligence agencies have concluded was clear interference by the Kremlin, under Putin's direction, to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. He also said he has faith in USA intelligence agencies.

"You say you agree with USA intelligence that Russian Federation meddled in the election in 2016".

"Well, I would, because he's in charge of the country", Trump said when asked if he holds him responsible for the interference.

And several billboards have gone up around the country calling for Trump's impeachment, including some just miles away from his Mar-a-Lago country club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Democratic lawmakers meanwhile pushed for Congress to subpoena Trump's summit interpreter to find out what transpired during his private meeting with Putin.

GLOR: "What did you say to him?" I will tell you though, it better not be.

Russian Federation also asked to interview the American-born financier Bill Browder, who successfully lobbied the United States government to impose new sanctions on Moscow.

Steven Hall, the former head of Russian operations at the Central Intelligence Agency in Moscow, made the comments in a tweet, in which he also shared an article from The Atlantic calling Trump's relationship with Putin "The Crisis Facing America".

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