David Spade donates $100,000 to mental health charity after sister-in-law Kate’s death

Frederick Owens
June 15, 2018

But according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week, suicide rates nationwide have been steadily increasing - by more than 25-percent since 1999.

"As human beings we're prone to many things in the human condition", says Moutier, "We all face challenges and some of us - to no fault of our own - have a genetic loading for different things like depression, anxiety, addiction and even suicide risks specifically".

"The real question is why our society has made so little progress in dealing with the public health crisis of suicide", he wrote.

The comments from the former Red Hot Chili Peppers' guitarist come after the shock news that US TV chef and travel host Anthony Bourdain had taken his own life.

Countries riven by conflict, such as Sri Lanka, are among the most affected, while South Korea and Japan are on the top of the list of industrialized countries dealing with high suicide rates.

The report's authors pressed policymakers to take action to stem suicide deaths. The AFSP advocates were in Washington, D.C. for four days to meet with their members of Congress to encourage them to invest in mental health and suicide prevention.

All levels of society and age groups are affected, they add.

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People in certain professions, including the military and farming, are also more affected as are ethnic and racial minorities. The answer: if you see something, say something. "There was no indication and no warning that she would do this", he wrote.

Experts note that medical monitoring and psychotherapy often help in such cases.

But those at risk for suicide don't always show risk factors.

"I think my mom has been the most consistent in coming to my rescue and helping me take steps to seek light", said Ben, a veteran who left the army nine years ago and has since been dealing with suicidal thoughts. Luckily, as a last ditched effort, I reached out.

Kansas ranked 19th overall in the number of suicides, but had the fifth highest rate of increase in suicides, following North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Utah.

Hoping to illuminate the characteristics shared by suicide decedents and identify what circumstances may have led them to act, the researchers analyzed all 2015 cases entered in the CDC's National Violent Death Reporting System - a database that includes 27 states.

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