E3 2018: Super Mario Party Coming to Nintendo Switch

Todd Singleton
June 13, 2018

Nintendo also revealed Super Smash Bros Ultimate will include every character to have appeared in prior versions.

Super Mario Party is a party game that lets multiple players go through minigames and compete with one another. Switch units can even be aligned in wacky and creative positions in order to create new playfields. Super Mario Party drops on October 5, 2018. Final smash attacks have been reworked for some of the characters, such as Sonic, Zelda, and Pac-Man, and on the whole, they've been given more straight-to-the-point animations, which bring players back to the fight more quickly.

Lastly, battle royale game Fortnite will be available at 10 am Pacific Time (1:00 am, Manila time) for people to download and play.

The announcement of Super Smash Bros didn't need any introductions. The series has lost its way in recent years and long-term fans will be hoping for something more like Mario Party 6 (irrefutably the best Mario Party) than Mario Party 10 (irrefutably the worst). Also, Nintendo said that the legendary pokemon Mew will come with the Pokeball as a bonus.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Has a Frozen Level
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While we didn't get long with the game we walked away just as giddy as we were the first day we played Smash on N64 - it's fast, frenetic and just plain fun to beat (and be beat by) friends new and old. Ultimate in Nintendo's E3 press conference.

But while some things might have returned to their favored original forms, Nintendo has still included something new, fitting for their new and innovative Switch. If you are not able to attend the esports event in person, you can watch all of the action unfold on Nintendo's website. This team-based multiplayer battle is simple to get into, with only one button to work with, but requires coordination if your hive is to claim victory. The game will launch only for Switch on July 13th.

Surprisingly, only two brand new characters were announced though: an Inkling from Splatoon (actually eight different Inklings, split between male and female and all using different colours) and the much requested Ridley from Metroid.

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