Facebook Suspends 200 Apps Suspected Of Collecting Data

Aaron Brown
May 16, 2018

Facebook announced Monday that the tech conglomerate has halted the operations of approximately 200 apps, that have had access to copious amounts of user intel four years ago, in the midst of the ongoing Cambridge Analytica investigation.

Back in March, the world learned that Cambridge Analytica was able to access data from up to 87 million users - the number is the latest estimate provided by Zuckerberg - and use that data to target certain groups of people during the USA presidential election.

Facebook says the entire process consists of two phases.

On Facebook's part, the company promised in March to conduct a full app investigation and audit, determining whether or not any apps on the platform may be misusing user data.

Facebook discovered the potentially dodgy applications as part of an "investigation and audit" created to unearth apps like the personality testing app that harvested information from users and sold it to political data firm Cambridge Analytica. These apps managed to collect large amounts of members' personal data prior to a change that the social network made in 2014. First off, Facebook has to figure out which apps actually had access to large quantities of user data.

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The news comes as Facebook announces it has suspended 200 apps as part of its user data investigation. If the company finds an app misused user data, Facebook users will be notified through a special website. The app collected data such as user location, friends, and interests. So far, Facebook has suspended approximately 200 apps pending a deeper examination into whether any data was misused by them.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesperson said that more specific details on the individual apps that are going to be suspended will be provided once the audit is concluded.

The scandal caused lawmakers in the United States to grill Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the company's policies and a "Delete Facebook" advocacy campaign briefly trended on social media.

A thorough investigation will determine whether it will reinstate the suspended apps.

Third, we want to make sure you understand which apps you've allowed to access your data.

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