Google Confirms Controversial Duplex AI Will Identify Itself to Humans

Terry Joseph
May 12, 2018

Here are 10 that really matter.

So far the Assistant has been centered on the verbal conversation you can have with Google, but now Google is bringing the simplicity of voice together with a rich visual experience.

One of them is the much-talked about Google Assistant, which will now be powered by updated AI technology called Google Duplex, that will help the platform better understand human speech patterns, as well as replicate human conversations in real-world applications as seamlessly as possible.

In its defense, Google made it clear it's aware of potential ethical concerns in a lengthy write-up about the in-development technology. As per Google's demo, which involved the AI assistant making a supposedly real call to book an appointment at a hair salon, there was no indication the call was from a computer. The dashboard is part of something that Android is calling "Digital Wellbeing" which seems like a slight contradiction considering Google are working extremely hard to make AI flawless and encourage you to use your devices more but also simultaneously letting you know that you are using your devices too much.

However, the demo shown was nearly too good, with the Assistant inserting "umms" and "errs" with such ease that the recipient of the calls had no idea they were talking to an automated service.

Even though Google explained on Thursday it'd Make Sure That the bot is "suitably recognized", it has not shared specifics on how exactly those disclosures could be put into place.

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Google has vowed to warn people who interact with its new human-duping Duplex artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant, following an outcry over ethics. Also, you won't need to say hey, Google after every query.

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This is the internet's bread and butter but it's also Google's too. Android P does not have a name yet but that's alright.

Assistant is coming to Google Maps in a big way, with a ton of new shortcuts, as well as the ability for the digital assistant to text your friend when you're on your way.

Beyond Android P Google placed a lot of emphasis on Google Assistant this year, showcasing how things would be changing and improving. The child of Google Earth serves us easily every day and it is about to get better. Major takeaways: gestures, adaptive battery, actions, slices, adaptive display, dashboard, enhanced DND, and others. This makes the command giving process easier for the user. The ML Kit is now "available in one mobile SDK, accessible through Firebase, and works on both Android and iOS".

Google is working on its own line of next generation smartwatches in conjunction with Qualcomm.

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