Microsoft and Amazon are working together to make Cortana and Alexa friends

Terry Joseph
May 8, 2018

They will then be able to long press the home button on their Android device to call up Alexa, without having to open the app. Microsoft's Cortana also supports this functionality.

Playing with Alexa for May 4, you may find Alexa's acting abilities leave something to be desired, and she lacks the believability that Lucas, Kershner, Marquand, Abrams, Johnson, and Edwards have all achieved, and what likely Howard will, too, in the upcoming film "Solo".

The two seem a good match: Cortana, with its Bing-driven search technology and Alexa, with its Amazon shopping prowess and a broad base of hardware and software, could be ideal for the voice-commander crowd.

The reaction, as shown above, obviously received applause from the crowd who clearly understand the Halo reference stated within Alexa's reply.

"We want to make it possible for our customers to get the most out of their personal assistants, not be bound to a single one".

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But, for anyone still interested in the prospect of combining the ubiquitous prevalence of Alexa devices with the productivity focus of Cortana, they can visit here to sign up to possibly join the next round of Insiders testing this new combination. With this collaboration, Microsoft and Amazon both leverage individual capabilities of the two smart assistants. The response that came was "Cortana here, how can I help".

While using Cortana on his PC, he said to Microsoft's Assistant, "Hey Cortana, open Alexa".

Microsoft foreshadowed some of these smart-meeting scenarios a year ago in a podcast, describing Cortana conference room features that one day could become commonplace. Shortly after Google's announcement, Amazon stated that Alexa works with over 12,000 devices, presumably to flex on Google. On Windows 10 PCs, Alexa shows up in the same interface as Cortana does.

Microsoft and Amazon eventually hope the partnership will herald an era where both assistants will work in tandem, with the best equipped to answer a specific query taking the lead.

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