Southwest plane with cracked window makes unscheduled landing

Alicia Cross
May 3, 2018

A Newark-bound Southwest Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Cleveland Wednesday after a window cracked. "We didn't know if it was going to crack open".

O'Grady says that she was sitting in the aisle seat of the row where the window cracked.

According to Fox News, not all the layers of window panes in the window shattered during the incident today, so it did not actually leave an opening [VIDEO]to the outside world. The plane that made an emergency landing on Wednesday was also a 737. "No emergency landing was requested, and the flight landed uneventfully with no reported injuries", Southwest said in a statement.

Landing the plane safely first required recovering from the sharp bank the plane took and getting the aircraft from 32,500 feet to below 10,000 feet so passengers and crew could breathe.

One of the passenger windows had a crack on the outside, so the plane was diverted to Cleveland and the passengers were immediately put on another flight to complete their trip.

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Another passenger, Linda Holley, texted her son Ryan with a picture of the damaged window.

Just two weeks after a jet engine blew apart and broke a window in a deadly accident aboard another Southwest aircraft, Flight 957 was forced to land in Cleveland on Wednesday. Southwest said it has not found any cracks on fan blades inspected since the accident. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chairman Robert Sumwalt said it was the first passenger fatality in a USA airline since 2009. Despite the initial similarities, he said, there are other non-engine related factors that could cause this type of window damage, such as a manufacturing fault, or a small ding on the ground being exacerbated when the pressure changed.

Dallas-based Southwest has seen a drop in ticket sales since last month's incident.

The airline said the Boeing 737 was taken out of service so that maintenance teams could investigate. The National Transportation Safety Board believes one of the blades snapped on the Southwest flight, hurling debris that broke a window.

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