Triple H Talks Women Not Competing At Friday's 'Greatest Royal Rumble' Event

Emmett Rice
April 25, 2018

WWE is facing criticism for hosting The Greatest Royal Rumble in a country that will not allow female athletes to perform in the ring, but Triple H says they can't affect change by staying away.

The Greatest Royal Rumble will be repeated on Sky Sports Box Office (channel 491) BUT NOT Sky Sports HD Box Office (492) between 10am on Saturday, April 28 and 10pm on Sunday, April 29. Due to their strict conservative rules, only male WWE superstars are allowed to compete at the event.

Men and families are permitted to attend the show; women may only enter if they are accompanied by a man.

The company also signed former UFC champion Ronda Rousey, who is already arguably WWE's biggest mainstream star. Now, WWE COO Triple H has finally talked about the issue in an interview with the Independent. He said that he understands why people are questioning the decision to hold an event in Saudi Arabia, but that every culture is different.

WWE pushed the envelope of what it means to be a woman in sports entertainment.

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Women have broken down many doors in WWE over the past few years, but eventually wrestling in Saudi Arabia would undoubtedly be among the greatest achievements from the Women's Evolution.

The Game provided an optimistic outlook regarding the direction of Saudi Arabia and the role WWE could play: "The country is in the middle of a shift in how it is dealing with that-the position is changing, and rights are changing, as are the way women are handled and treated in society".

And then there's that little thing, which is actually the Greatest Royal Rumble itself, which will feature 50 men.

Those are lofty ambitions on Triple H's part, and many people likely don't see how a company like WWE could affect serious socio-political change.

"The audience were chanting "This is Hope" - that is cultural change".

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