Tesla booted off fatal Model X crash investigation

Aaron Brown
April 16, 2018

At the moment, Tesla has plenty of other battles to fight. Forward P/E of Tesla, Inc.is standing at 144.44. The NTSB is looking at multiple issues related to how the car's software and sensors performed, and an interior video showed that the safety driver in the SUV wasn't watching the road for about five seconds leading up to the collision.

Tesla Inc shares were trading at $297.45 per share on Friday morning, up $3.37 (+1.15%). It might mean that Tesla is indeed very concerned about being open and clear with the public, and that it prioritized revealing details about the Model X accident and fatality out of a sense of duty.

The company was barred from the investigation on Thursday after it released information before it had been checked by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The law firm said it "believes Tesla's Autopilot feature is defective and likely caused Huang's death".

"It is unfortunate that Tesla, by its actions, did not abide by the party agreement". That is, if security is continuing higher in an uptrend, the amount of the protection should also increase and vice versa.

Steve Finch, a former General Motors plant manager, told CNBC that manufacturers generally take a year or more to vet a potential supplier before forming a partnership.

While rare, the NTSB has revoked party status in other investigations. "That seems to me to be quite fair".

While this clearly irked the NTSB, A.P. reports the NHTSA said it has no qualms with Tesla. "However, this release will not hinder our investigation".

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It's not hard to see why an official investigation might be annoyed at premature disclosures like this one.

One reason Tesla is lagging behind? The NTSB called the system "a privilege [that] allows the sharing of investigative information with all parties that agree to the terms of the party agreement during the early fact-gathering phase of an investigation".

The NTSB found a year ago that the driver in the 2016 crash had barely touched the steering wheel and ignored multiple warnings over a 37-minute period before his Model S ploughed into the side of a truck.

Tesla's Autopilot setting lets the car's sensors - including radars, ultrasonic detectors and LiDAR - control the vehicle's speed and movement between lanes.

The precipitating event was apparently a blog post from March 30, in which Tesla laid blame for the crash on the driver for not responding to the car's warning signals. Failure to put hands back on the controls will eventually result in the auto bringing itself to a stop.

"The reason this crash was so severe is because the crash attenuator, a highway safety barrier which is created to reduce the impact into a concrete lane divider, had been crushed in a prior accident without being replaced".

Stanton says humans taking their hands away from the steering wheel and not paying attention is inevitable. "People simply can't attend to when there is not much happening".

In a statement to CNBC, Tesla maintained that it willingly "withdrew" from the NTSB investigation and said it will complain to Congress. Further, Tesla remains a party to the ongoing investigations of the August 25, 2017, crash of a Tesla Model X in Lake Forest, California, and the January 22, 2018, crash of a Tesla Model S near Culver City, California.

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