Mark (left) and Scott (right) Kelly

Terry Joseph
March 17, 2018

Multiple outlets, including The Post, reported that seven percent of Kelly's genetic code had been muddled after he landed back on earth from his stay on the International Space Station - but that level of change would make him an alien as LiveScience reported. Researchers looked at the effects of space travel on the human body.

This offered a unique opportunity for NASA to assess the effects of a year in space.

Identical twins Scott and Mark - who is also an astronaut - were subjects of a study aiming to determine what space travel does to the human body. But the genes in the study, not a ideal match anymore. What that means is that his body quieted some of his genes while amplifying others, so that his body produced more or less of certain key proteins in an attempt to adjust to the weird conditions of space and microgravity - not, as our original story claimed, that his DNA actually changed.

An astronaut who spent a whole year in space as part of a NASA mission found that 7% of his genes had changed - in what NASA described as an "unexpected" find. Mark Kelly also flew as an astronaut for the space program. Act 3 will be debuted later in 2018 when an integrated summary publication is expected to be released. Most of the biological changes he experienced in space quickly returned to almost his preflight status. According to NASA, most of those changes happened in just a few hours after returning.

Nasa said the groundbreaking study is an important step in its preparations for a three-year mission to Mars in the 2030s. Scott's telomeres - the ends of chromosomes that shorten as people get older - lengthened in space.

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Bailey said she was concerned the findings were being "sensationalised".

'The change related to only 7 percent of the gene expression that changed during spaceflight that had not returned to preflight after six months on Earth. NASA called the amount of change "very minimal", but said it could point to possible longer-term changes in genes related to his immune system, DNA fix, bone formation networks, hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), and hypercapnia (excessive carbon dioxide in the bloodstream).

The one-year resulted in no significant decreases in Scott's cognitive performance. This information was originally discovered previous year; however, NASA confirmed the findings just a few weeks ago after noticing that Scott's telomeres shortened after he landed.

"We do not yet clearly understand how the space environment fully affects the human body", Pitt said on CBSN, "and of those changes, how do we mitigate them and can we see a correction if we come back to a normal Earth environment?"

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