Drunk man passes out in Uber, takes $1600 ride

Alicia Cross
March 3, 2018

Moral of the story is, take an Uber if you know you've had one too many drinks.

After a night partying in Morgantown, near West Virginia University's campus, Kenny Bachman hailed a ride to take him back to where he was staying with friends.

"The dude who was Ubering me home picked up my phone when I was asleep and answered the Facetime call and said 'Nah, dude".

Like, where he lives.

The good news is that Kenneth Bachman got home safe from his mate's house party.

Bachman passed out for the first two hours of the trip, and when he woke up the driver told him they were on their way to New Jersey.

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"When I woke up in the passenger seat of some random older foreign man's auto I had so many questions", he said. When he finally got home to Sewell, NJ, he was facing something worse than a hangover: An Uber total of $1,635.93.

It's an easier mistake than you'd think, which if you've ever used the apps you already know.

Bachman claims he never submitted his home address for the ride.

The driver was fined at every toll. It sure sounds like something Silicon Valley's Bachman might do. But after talking with Uber, he agreed to pay for the ride and gave his driver a five-star rating. Bachman had consumed a lot, and barely remembers calling for the vehicle. "I'm thinking, 'Why the f- am I in the vehicle next to some random-ass dude I don't even know?" "He was on my phone, without me allowing it".

Bachman complained to Uber, but Uber insisted that the driver had taken him to the destination he requested.

"Blacked out in an Uber and woke up to a $1,600 dent in my pocket", Bachman wrote in the petition, setting the goal at exactly $1635.

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