The Bachelor Recap: Fantasy Not-So-Sweet

Emmett Rice
March 1, 2018

And make no mistake, Arie is here to fall in love.

Becca is thrilled to see Arie, showing more emotion before he even arrives than Lauren did on her entire overly affirming date, and she's hoping this is the day she gets to profess her feelings. Kendall Long received a lot of support for how she handled such an awkward situation. Know what else has ups-and-downs? The pair kicked off their date carefree as they opted for a dune buggies ride together. They ride until the dune buggy nearly goes over the edge of a sand cliff and they bail, leaving the driver perched over the edge, while they make out in the sand. With a level head and maturity well beyond her years, her future looks great. Arie admits that he hasn't dated anyone like her and wants her to be at the same spot that he is emotionally. This seemed to genuinely shake Lauren, at least, since the last time Arie had done that at a rose ceremony Tia went home. She doesn't want to be a novelty, though.

Krystal wasted no time stabbing Kendall's back nearly right away during the date in Paris, telling Arie that Kendall simply wasn't ready for commitment. Though Becca swiftly sent him on his way, the stunt could relevel the playing field for Arie between his top two picks - making the final decision an even closer one.

"I was right [about you] the whole damn time". They wake to clothes strewn about the floor, with assurances that they "stayed up all night talking".

And then she really got upset when she found out Ross had visited Arie, whom he referred to as "the guy".

Arie takes Lauren up into the air to see the Nazca Lines. He's noticeably less enthusiastic than with Lauren as they cuddle and discuss future plans, and he seems nearly annoyed that he can't pinpoint a looming red flag. The two-hour episode will begin at 8pm ET on ABC. It sounds like the cameras did follow Arie when he went to tell Lauren his thoughts.

While fans will have to wait and see how Kufrin reacts to her ex-boyfriend's arrival, Us Weekly previously reported that her fantasy suite date with Luyendyk Jr. involved another women: former contestant Caroline Lunny. I know what you did, and I don't know how you could do that. Mathias stopped in the middle of the hike to fix her makeup, which instantly drew criticism from other contestants. But then there's a wrench in the love fest-Arie walks out of the Fantasy Suite wearing shorts with black socks. This is why Jason and Molly could be there to talk to them.

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"I just don't think he's ready for what comes along with that kind of commitment", she concluded. The only thing missing is a stake.

But what the women didn't know is that Krystal is worse than they thought and a forgotten microphone caught her calling Arie "a needle (rhymes with stick)" and all of the women an offensive word that rhymes with "blunt".

He knocked on Arie's door and said he wanted to marry Becca and was here to get her back.

Arie's third date will take him and Becca K., to explore Ballestas Islands. When viewers thought things went okay, one person ruined Arie and Becca's flawless evening. Um, didn't he say the same thing to Lauren? You know, it doesn't really matter.

While Ross didn't find love on 'The Bachelor, ' Bryce Love returning to Stanford for his senior year seems like a solid consolation prize. Becca told Arie that she loved him, to which Arie responded by telling her that his feelings was mutual.

Arie asked that if Becca were to choose Arie and not Ross, could Ross please respect that choice? "Ross is like, ", doubt it". Becca is a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN, who has worked with clients including Fox News and Better Homes & Gardens.

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