Arms Update 5.0 is the Game's Final Major Update

Terry Joseph
December 24, 2017

Check out Dr. Coyle in action in the video below. You can check out the trailer for Dr. Coyle, as well as Nintendo's patch notes for update 5.

Hot off the heels of the release of Version 5.0, Nintendo has announced some very unfortunate news in regards to ARMS.

Dr. Coyle, "The Rad Scientist" seems like quite the formidable fighter, making use of a host of different fist variations such as drills and nunchucks, the most notable ability conjures about double her arms, packing a devastating attack in a wider range. They're named the Lokjaw, the Parabola and the Brrchuk.

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In addition to new character Dr. Coyle and her three new weapons, Nintendo have also added a new stage, stronger AI, new achievements, and a bunch of bug fixes. The stage you see is known as [NAME REDACTED].

While the reason for the ARMS team focusing elsewhere is known only to Nintendo right now, it could be a sign of greater things to come.

Were she to win the Arms Grand Prix, her hard work will not have gone to waste. She shows up as the newest boss character in the Grand Prix mode when played at LV6 or higher. Master Mummy, for example, was apparently revived by Dr. Coyle.

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