GOP Senate Candidate Accused of Molestation; Defended with Biblical Tale

Aaron Brown
November 11, 2017

Roy Moore's brother reportedly defended him against allegations of sexual conduct with a minor, comparing the situation to the persecution of Jesus Christ, according to CNN.

The story also quoted three other women who said Moore dated them when they were between 16 and 18 years of age and he was in his early 30s, though none said they had sexual contact with Moore.

Three other women, who were all in their teens at the time, told the paper that Moore made advances on them as well.

The Republican National Committee continues to be a part of the joint fundraising agreement with Moore's campaign and the Alabama Republican Party.

Moore and his campaign have vehemently denied the allegations, saying, "this garbage is the very definition of fake news".

Several senior Republicans called on Moore to quit the race after The Washington Post reported allegations of sexual misconduct.

Zeigler, asked to respond to Lipinsky's comments today, stressed that he believes the story about Moore is not true and called the story a "hit piece".

Moore has said he plans to continue his campaign and there has been no signal from the state Republican Party that they are seriously considering seeking to disqualify him from the December 12 general election ballot. But national Republicans have mostly said Moore should quit the race, if the allegations are true.

In a one-sentence statement Thursday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says: "If these allegations are true, he must step aside". "Bringing Joseph and Mary into a modern-day molestation accusation, where a 32-year-old prosecutor is accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl, is simultaneously ridiculous and blasphemous", Ed Stetzer, a pastor and church consultant who holds the Billy Graham Chair of Church, Mission and Evangelism at Wheaton College in IL, told The Washington Post.

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Moore has been defiant in the wake of the accusations. On Thursday, Alabama State auditor Jim Zeigler said the allegations were no big deal because, "Take the Bible ..."

Moore has denied the allegations and given no indication that he will exit the race. Moore bested the interim senator, Luther Strange, in a primary and runoff. Twice disbarred, and routinely disrespectful of the Constitution, Roy Moore was unfit for office before these allegations came out. But I will have something to say about that.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore speaks at the Values Voter Summit of the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, U.S. October 13, 2017.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, meanwhile, requested his picture be removed from a fundraising email Moore sent to supporters in response to the Washington Post report, a spokesperson confirmed.

The Post's report was based on interviews with 30 people. And Bannon is still backing him, a source close to the former White House chief strategist told NBC News. A handful of senators suggested they would support unusual if he launched a bid, and odd told the Associated Press he would "do some more research" before ruling it out.

Doster, the adviser to Moore, said the candidate's campaign chairman, Bill Armistead, had talked to members of Alabama's congressional delegation after the news broke.

Meanwhile, other conservatives have rallied around Moore, especially in the state of Alabama.

But any write-in campaign would be an uphill battle and end up splitting the GOP vote, making it easier for Democrat Doug Jones to win in an upset.

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