Dash Charging Is Better Than Wireless Charging - OnePlus

Todd Singleton
November 11, 2017

OnePlus's CEO, Pete Lau, has already confirmed the phone will have a headphone slot, while his company's own Twitter feed has intimated that the device will launch in NY. Oneplus CEO Pete Lau in a blog post said, "Sometimes, industry trends go against our core beliefs". Dash Charge produces an eye-watering 20 watts of power, while the best - and most expensive - wireless charging pad maxes out at 15. It may also require a more drastic redesign than we're expecting from the OnePlus 5T, since wireless charging doesn't work well through metal. So which one would you choose?

Apart from the absence of the wireless charging, the company has already confirmed that OnePlus 5T will be retaining the 3.5mm audio jack, contrary to the growing trend of removing the headphone jack in favour of USB-based audio transfer. The company's approach has been to offer technology that best serves the majority of its users, also striking a balance between price and features. You also need to ensure that the handset is positioned correctly - or it won't charge. Ultimately, this restricts you to take a selfie with your camera or play a game. You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjBLnpWPO2g. There's no denying the convenience of being able to charge your phone simply by putting it down onto a pad.

Just like other technologies, wireless charging has been improving to be more efficient and practical for everyday use, particularly Qi. Stay tuned for more updates on OnePlus 5T. But, you can get excited experience when you use a smartphone that has made a use of dash charge technology.

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"An attractive promise of wireless charging is that you can just set your phone down on a surface and charge. Samsung's display technology is now the best for Optic AMOLED". Until wireless charging can reach that level of speed, it will remain my less-preferred option to true fast charging. First, it was rumored that the OnePlus 5T will have exactly same price as of OnePlus 5 but again, those were only rumors.

A change in design will be the major selling point of the OnePlus 5T. "We'll consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right. Until then, we'll stick to Dash Charge", Lau said.

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