New Overwatch hero Moira and new map revealed

Kristopher Nichols
November 4, 2017

Blizzard has provided a deeper breakdown of Moira's abilities and backstory on the official Overwatch site, however, is yet to announce a release date. If you're reading this from Blizzcon, you can check her out on the show floor with no limits.

Moira's main attack is a long-range beam that drains enemies' health, giving her energy that she can use to heal her allies with a kinda gross (but still very helpful looking) biotic spray. She is a support healer character that can also dole out a surprising amount of damage and has an ability called Fade allowing for added mobility.

A new Support class character, Moira will be coming soon to Overwatch, alongside the new Blizzard World hybrid map, which sees you defending the payload across Azeroth, Tristram, the Koprulu Sector, "and beyond!" A trailer was also presented, showing off her abilities and playstyle. She looks like a bit of an all-rounder. And her power is all in her hands: Her left hand heals allies, while the right hand does long-range damage.

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Desperate to make scientific breakthroughs, Moira always wanted to make a name for herself, but so far, she's unknown to most of the world.

No word yet on when Moira will hit PTR, but expect her to be a bit controversial (just like nearly all new Overwatch characters). Blizard has already launched the hero page for Moira which details her skills.

Moira quickly teleports a short distance. Reinhardt used to be full of daring-do and an obsession with glory, but like the rest of Overwatch's team, his history has colored his motives for being a part of the team and rejoining it for its latest endeavors.

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