Microsoft has finally put Kinect out of its misery

Terry Joseph
October 27, 2017

Microsoft's first-gen camera is said to have sold 35 million units since it made its debut seven years ago, but popularity for the peripheral soon waned, despite the firm's efforts to try and improve the sensor in the Xbox One.

Director of Studio for Creative Inquiry at CMU, Golan Levin, utilized Kinect in a lot of experimental and production UI prototyping, wasn't entirely pleased with the news but conceded that that's just how capitalism works, saying... Microsoft will still continue to support Kinect for customers who use it on their Xbox but developer tools may or may not be supported in the future. The information was given to Fast Co.Design by Kinect daddy Alex Kipman and Xbox Marketing GM Matthew Lapsen.

Pour one out for the Kinect!

It's a sad day, we'll sort of, Kinect is no more. In a year Microsoft introduced a touch-screen controller for Xbox 360 in Oct 2010 started to distribute shopping.

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Digital Foundry, the guys behind the deep benchmarking tests and framerate comparisons, have got their hands on a final retail version of the upcoming Xbox One X, and have filmed a full unboxing video for your pleasure.

However, the extra processing power the Kinect demanded and the high cost of the Xbox One with it, meant graphically intensive games struggled to run at the 1080p resolution, and the costly console had consumers turn to Sony's PlayStation 4 instead. Microsoft had even lowered the cost of Xbox One entry-level consoles. This was not helped by the fact that people did not want a camera in their living rooms which was the Kinect due to privacy concerns. Though Xbox One S and Xbox One X do not have dedicated Kinect ports, you can still use the device on these systems if you have an adapter. Much like virtual reality, Kinect technology will have a bigger impact in fields outside of gaming.

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