How to Download and Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Now

Terry Joseph
October 27, 2017

Nintendo has bolstered its mobile game library with a smartphone version of its popular role-playing game Animal Crossing.

If you're wondering how much peak nostalgia costs these days, the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app will be available to download on iOS and Android for free.

Of course, it won't be an Animal Crossing game without multiplayer.

To get new furniture and props for your camp, you need crafting materials, which are gained both naturally (by fishing, picking and so on) and by trading rewards (giving a fish to an animal who wants one, for example, might result in them giving you some cotton). There'll be a real-time day/night cycle, and you'll have the ability to visit shops run by the regular game cast to purchase new clothing and furniture to customize your personal space.

During the game, you'll earn or can purchase Leaf Tickets.

The major difference between this and other, more casual games in the same style is that you must craft the items you place in your campsite using materials you'll find in visitable areas, or through quests you receive from different animal friends. Aside from that, all of the Animal Crossing features you've come to expect seem to be there. A consistent internet connection is also required. Judging from the Nintendo Direct, crafting will be the prime objective of the game.

Another change to the standard Animal Crossing flow are friendship levels for visiting animals. K.K. Slider greets you with a very simple question, determining the kind of player you want to be, before your van pulls into view at your very own camp site.

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Does Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have microtransactions?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp comes out on iOS and Android in late November.

Bells are still the in-game currency of choice, though, and you can collect these in the usual way of shaking trees and selling items you don't need.

There are also plenty of communities out there talking about the game and how you can go about procuring it on your phone.

As you meet and greet visitors you'll build a relationship level with them.

Watch the full Animal Crossing Direct below for all the details. Friends can trade items and provide a different landscape for added chances to catch fish, bugs, and exotic fruit.

Whether it can keep players interested in the long term is another question for another day, but with the promise of seasonal events and the use of time to determine when certain characters appear, there should be enough ... at least until the franchise's inevitable appearance on the Switch.

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