Google Maps Pulls Calorie-Counting Feature After Criticism

Terry Joseph
October 18, 2017

Not only that, but the feature also revealed how many pink "mini cupcakes" in equivalent calories they would burn.

Google responded by telling Buzzfeed that it was only a test feature, not rolled out to everyone, and is being removed by the end of the day.

After receiving backlash online, Google has cut down a feature from its Google Maps for iOS that tracks your calories when you walk from one location to another.

Others noted, however, that other mapping apps have long had similar features (though not with the whole cupcake aspect). Google would estimate how many calories and mini cupcakes someone would burn and display the info alongside the suggested route on the map as well as at the top of the step-by-step directions. The feature was in testing for the last week or so.

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In other Maps news, Google this week added another new feature users will probably like better than the calorie estimator: imagery from spacecraft Cassini, which launched from Cape Canaveral twenty years ago to study Saturn and its moons.

The Google app keeps you in the know about the things you care about.

Users have reacted badly to cupcake metric on social media describing it as "shaming" and some saying it could be a trigger for people suffering from eating disorders.

However, a vocal minority of users decided that this is an offensive move on Google's part as it was merely an abstract number that was specifically targeting women with eating disorders. Additionally, the app doesn't take into account a user's personal health information, in the least height and weight, to calculate the calories that would be burned. In particular, the lack of a way to turn off this feature triggered a number of peeps, with the most vocal one being The Hill's Taylor Lorenz.

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