Mobile Limiting High-Speed Data in Canada, Mexico to 5GB

Terry Joseph
October 14, 2017

Once that 5GB limit is hit, speeds will be throttled down to 128kbps (or 256kbps if you have T-Mobile ONE Plus). T-Mobile added a perk called "Mobile Without Borders" back in 2015 that allowed anyone with a ONE or ONE Plus plan to use full-speed LTE data while roaming in Canada or Mexico.

The users can access to less data if they aren't subscribed to an unlimited plan, for example, a customer with 6 GB cap will only have 4 GB to utilize in overseas in case the 2 GB has already consumed. While 5GB is a healthy amount for a short trip, it's still going to change your behavior - you may end up using hotel WiFi when you can instead of relying exclusively on cellular data.

T-Mobile offered Mobile Without Borders Un-carrier plan which introduced free calling texting and LTE plans for travelers in Mexico, Canada, and US.

Again, One plans still have unlimited LTE data in the US.

In a statement, T-Mobile framed this change as a way to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product". This plan was offered only for USA citizens with a One or One Plus Mobile.

Starting 12 November, customers on T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice North America, or legacy rate plans will receive a maximum of 5GB of 4G LTE data.

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T-Mobile had been offering worldwide roaming data to most of its customers for free, in an effort to attract customers from other networks since 2015 under the plan, "Mobile Without Borders".

What Will Be the Impact of The T-Mobile Plan for One and One Plus Users?


The 5GB data allotment for Mexico and Canada is replenished with every billing cycle.

T-Mobile has made this change which will only affect one percent of the people traveling to Mexico and Canada. Also, the customers with the limited data plan can no longer make use of their Data Stash if he is in either of these two nations, though the unconsumed data will carry over.

You can find out more details about the latest Uncarrier offering from T-Mobile over at their website at the link below.

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