YouTube Pulls Support From Amazon Echo Show Smart Speaker

Emmett Rice
September 28, 2017

Amazon said September 26 that Google had made a change that day at 3 p.m. Case in point: Amazon's Fire TV never received an official YouTube app, and is instead using a web-based implementation.

According to Amazon, Google pulled out YouTube without explanation and without prior notification.

Amazon also noted that there was no technical reason for the decision, which implies that YouTube was working as the company expects it would on its Echo Show device. If users ask Alexa to show them a YouTube video, Amazon's digital assistant will respond by saying, "Currently, Google is not supporting Youtube on Echo Show". "We hope to be able to reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon".

Gone are those days when Amazon was the primary dominator in the smart home speakers market. Google has pulled its video service from the online retailer's Echo Show platform, leaving owners with no access to the world's largest video community. While most mobiles usually need the Alexa app to function, Amazon will be baking Alexa right into their music streaming service, Amazon Music, making it accessible by anyone with either Android or iOS devices.

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There was no mention by either Amazon or Google at the time that YouTube's video experience was "broken".

Turns out there was a technical reason: Google didn't like the fact Amazon wasn't giving users the full YouTube experience, with things like autoplay and recommendations not features on the Echo Show.

Both Google and Amazon have a history of removing rival products and services from their own platforms, but this is the first time the two firms have publicly clashed. Before Amazon, Google had a similar spat in 2013 when it sent a cease and desist letter to Microsoft complaining about how YouTube was being developed for the Windows Phone, notes GeekWire. Just like the Google Home, the user can choose between the different color options of the outer shell.

For many consumers, having a smart assistant like Alexa lose the ability to display YouTube videos, will likely be a missed feature.

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