Watch Series 3 has LTE connectivity problems: reviewers

Todd Singleton
September 21, 2017

Apple has a lot riding on its new Watch Series 3, which for the first time has cellular connectivity. In fact, I believe Apple will double its sales of Apple Watches in the next 18 months thanks to this new cellular feature. The company says it is investigating a fix for the problem.

Apple last week added a cellular modem to the Apple Watch Series 3, allowing iPhone owners to receive calls, notifications, alerts, messages, and more even if they're not in close proximity to their smartphone.

In a review of the new Apple Watch Series 3 with Global Positioning System and cellular connectivity, The Verge noticed that the watch often didn't connect to networks properly.

It became apparent after my first full day using the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE that something wasn't right. If the cellular connected Series 3 pairs with an iPhone, talk time triples to three hours. While Samsung did have a smartwatch with a modem in it, I could never get it to work well and this model never caught on. But Apple is also working with Stanford to study how Apple Watch can help identify heart irregularities like arrhythmias. It's not that it looks bad in and of itself, but it draws unnecessary attention. Also, red doesn't go with everything, and a huge part of the fun of Apple Watch is swapping bands.

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In my case, watchOS 4 and Series 3 will also help me manage my diabetes much better. "Apple sells a lot of watch bands that clash with the red dot".

With no hint of when the fix will be issued, this is something that's surely going to be a concern for anyone who has placed an order and is now waiting for their new Apple Watch to arrive. "People won't know you're calling them from your watch if you don't tell them". For instance, there is the new Siri watch face that brings the relevant notifications on the screen without you having to fumble for it.

That's despite the fact that reviewers have panned the smart watch's poor battery life while making calls over cellular, with most testers finding their battery almost drained after only an hour.

The original Apple Watch Series 3 comes with Global Positioning System function, waterproof design, and a smooth-running processor.

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