Destiny 2's shaders are consumables, leaving many fans enraged

Todd Singleton
September 9, 2017

And no one knows this better than the people making it. Unlike in Destiny 1, however, the shaders in Destiny 2 are a one and done deal. Get a quick overview of the action shooter franchise coming September 6. Trouble was, when Destiny finally arrived around this time three years ago, it was a mess-it's story barely present, its structure opaque, the grand potential of a top flight studio moving in a brand new direction falling flat. Even for a casual gamer, it's almost impossible not to get hyped after embedding yourself in the Destiny 2 world. If you're one of those affected, there's nothing you can do about it - no solutions, no workarounds, no ways to avoid it. People who've bought the game on launch day are being rewarded for their trust with a show-stopping bug - it doesn't really paint Bungie in a good light.

This modifier is triggered by performing specific actions during each Public Event - you can find all of the Heroic Event triggers we know of so far here. However, some of these players faced some problems when they put the game into their systems to play. Sometimes, that's just by yourself. Others see them as a cruel and soulless money grab. In Destiny 2, that's no longer the case. You don't just play through a campaign or in a series of online matches. The sequel is a much better experience due to the fact that it gives the player more objective in the activities that you perform in the environment. As hard as shaders are to find (and as wide a variety of shaders as there are to collect), you might spend the rest of 2017 hunting for enough copies of the same shader to make a consistent palette for your Guardian. What do you think will be the first exotic sold by Destiny 2 Xur?

That theme of "more" is evident in the semi-open world areas of Destiny 2. The idea then became (for most guardians) to stockpile shaders to have an array of a color pallet that could easily be swapped out on the fly giving ones' guardian whatever look best befit the mood of play. I just wanted to add, I am not against micro-transactions entirely.

Destiny's lore is complex and, when you get into it, interesting.

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Visually, Destiny 2 is a great looking title.

What do you lot reckon? Noseworthy says. "Or you meet someone in the game and you're like, I want to play this activity I've never done it before, I mostly play solo". Or is it an appropriate incentive and perhaps Bungie made a misstep by allowing them to be permanent the first time around?

Of course, that's really just a mature way of saying, "Man, Destiny was an very bad game at launch".

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