Germany officials seize ecstasy pills shaped as President Donald Trump's face

Aaron Brown
August 23, 2017

Police made the discovery of what they called the "Drugs of the Year" after stopping a Peugeot 307 on the Autobahn.

Police in the German city of Osnabruck have announced that they seized a cache of over 5,000 orange (naturally) MDMA tablets stamped with the president's scowling visage.

Five thousand pills to be exact.

Two men, a 51 year old and his 17 year old son, were arrested and appeared in court on Sunday. Osnabrück officers pulled over a father-son duo who were packing about 5,000 tablets of the stuff, which could have sold for over $40,000 on the street.

Police said the pair had been driving from Amsterdam, where the drugs are believed to have been produced, to Hanover. Also in the auto was a "larger amount of cash", according to police.

Germany officials had an unusual drug bust.

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Authorities suspect the pills, which were found in the back of the van during a road check Saturday night, originated in the Netherlands.

But now they are in prison, after a judge issued an arrest warrant.

Perhaps the most ironic element of this trend is that the President's pompadour should be the chosen shape for a drug known for producing warm and fuzzy feelings and an abundance of empathy, two things notably lacking in the US after a divisive election and wave after wave of controversy.

While ecstasy is a popular choice for partygoers of the younger generations, they are illegal and classified by the a highly addictive substance.

The pills are reportedly being marketed on the darknet with the tagline "Trump makes partying great again", a play on the USA president's election campaign slogan "Let's make America great again", DW reported.

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