Doklam standoff: India says it is engaging with China diplomatically

Aaron Brown
August 6, 2017

Calling India an intruder into the sovereignty of China, it puts forward the country's demand that India remove troops from Doklam.

Earlier on Thursday, the Chinese foreign and defence ministries have released statements on the illegal trespass of Indian troops into Chinese territory, vowing to take all necessary measures to make India withdraw its troops unconditionally. But that could be tough.

"The series of remarks from the Chinese side within a 24-hour period sends a signal to India that there is no way China will tolerate the Indian troops' incursion into Chinese territory for too long".

"The statement by the Chinese foreign ministry is clear so I will refrain from speaking on that".

During the Eighth SR meeting in June 2006, the Chinese side had, in fact, handed over a non-paper for separate agreement on the boundary in the Sikkim sector.

Our objective is to achieve peace and tranquillity and it will be achieved through diplomacy, Baglay said. "And any shooting that begins on the border could even expand into other domains like cyber- or naval warfare". Talks are happening behind the scenes, but with little apparent progress. The Chicken's Neck is a thin stretch that connects the rest of India to the north-eastern states. "But no country should ever underestimate the resolve of the Chinese government and people to defend China's territorial sovereignty".

India's ruling elite has long viewed itself as the regional hegemon of South Asia. Once domestic politics is out of the equation, the two countries can then silently work out a diplomatic solution.

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The standoff broke out on June 18 when New Delhi's military forces moved into Doklam, a remote plateau in the Himalayas, which is also claimed by India's ally, Bhutan.

Geng shot back that India always willingly talks about peace, but "we should not only listen to its words, but also heed its deeds".

China has repeatedly called on India to withdraw its forces. "There's no easy solution", said an Asian diplomat, who attended a briefing, referring to both sides' insistence that they are in the right. "The gloves could come off after the summit though".

But, it would be irrational to believe China would allow India to play the Doka La game with its own interests in mind, according to New Delhi's timeline.

In spite of highly provocative statement from China, the government of India has handled the issue with firmness and dignity, that seem to have further upset China, since India is not responding with the similar war cry.

"Nobody wants to get caught in the middle of this", the diplomat said, pointing to the prospect for the border tensions worsening and becoming a wider Asian security issue dragging in other countries.

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