In the eye of the residents in the UK found 27 lenses

Terry Joseph
July 18, 2017

Ophthalmologists in England made a shocking discovery while trying to operate on a patient previous year.

The woman had reportedly put off regular optometrist appointments, despite having worn monthly disposable contact lenses for 35 years.

Association of Optometrists clinical and regulatory officer, Henry Leonard, told Optometry Today that most patients probably would've had "significant discomfort", and that the case was "exceedingly rate".

Scientists discovered 27 contact lenses in a woman's eye last November before she underwent eye surgery, according to an entry in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). They report pulling 27 lenses from the woman's eye.

She added that she hopes this situation will serve as a lesson, according to Optometry Today, since so many people often avoid undergoing routine eye examinations now that contact lenses can easily be ordered online.

The doctors had to literally stop the operation, because if they continued, the patient would have an overload of bacteria in her eyes. She found another 10 lenses on a second inspection.

The woman did not report any symptoms prior to arriving for surgery and thought discomfort caused by the lenses was due to dry eyes and old age.

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Rupal Morjaria, a specialist trainee of ophthalmology, writes that the first clump found in the woman's eye during her scheduled cataract surgery contained 17 contact lenses stuck together.

However, the weird and eye popping story was just detailed in the British Medical Journal.

Rupal Morjaria said, "She was quite shocked".

Anyone who wears contact lenses knows how uncomfortable it can be when they slip and get stuck under the eyelid. "How did she not feel the lenses?" tweeted one user.

The case could have been caused by the patient's poorer vision in the right eye and her deep-set eyes, said the medical journal in its report.

She said the patient was "quite shocked" and thought the irritation was "just part of old age and dry eye".

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