Valve Swings Anti-Cheat Banhammer Smashing 40000 Steam Accounts Following Summer Sale

Todd Singleton
July 12, 2017

The day after the sale closed on 6 July, Valve banned over 40 000 accounts on Steam, the largest number the developer has ever suspended at once.

Cheating in an online game can result in account ban and this fate was experienced by over 40,000 users on Steam last week. That's a record high, making the previous October 2016 record of 15,227 look like some dude in his pajamas with a fly swatter compared to a crack team of exterminators. While Banned Steam users can easily set up a new account, the cost of re-purchasing the lost games would increase pretty fast and that's what the issue in play here.

On July 7, the day after the first hit of the ban wave, 954 VAC bans were handed out, while another 735 were delivered on July 9. They then create multiple accounts and use them to test which hacks can be detected by the VAC system. Valve seemed to have caught on to the tricks these scammers have been using, especially since 40,000 is the most bans that have happened in one day on Steam. According to the VAC-Ban website, nearly $7,500 Dollars worth of skins were lost as a result of this recent purge as well, so there's no doubt a big impact on the cheaters out there.

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To put these numbers into perspective, VAC bans about 3,000 to 4,000 accounts on an average day.

The same month, Valve had also come under fire from the Counter-Strike community for not being able to counter Spinbot-hacking technique - which allows a player to be practically invulnerable to attacks from others in the game.

The time of the ban and the end of the sale is not o-incidental but intentional, reported Dot Esports. We are likely to see even more Steam bans in the thousands during the next Steam sale.

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