'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Swings to $15.4M Thursday

Kristopher Nichols
July 8, 2017

In that story, Spider-Man battles the mysterious Master Planner (later revealed as Doc Oc), a fight that leaves the wall-crawler trapped under a pile of heavy machinery.

They are set at the Washington Monument and on the Staten Island Ferry, with hundreds of lives at stake each time and Spider-Man making things worse before he makes them better. Holland (The Lost City of Z) was 20 years old when the movie was shot, younger than Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, his immediate predecessors in the role.

Sony agreed to share the Spider-man rights for the movie Captain America: Civil War. The audience cheered when he made his appearance on screen.

The writers of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" only had three days to develop their take on Peter Parker.

The movie has also consistently dominated social media in recent weeks, aided by a clever marketing campaign that plays on Holland's teenage angst. The film has also had a wide-ranging social campaign in the build-up to its release, including Facebook Live events with the cast, social media contests to win tickets to the premiere and a Twitter Q&A with Michael Keaton, who plays the villainous Vulture in the film.

In a June 2016 Vulture interview, Mondo played coy about which character he plays in Homecoming. Parker puts on the Spidey outfit and takes the four goons on, successfully stopping the robbery while discovering the would-be thieves have some brand new, extremely powerful weapons that destroy part of the ATM and the deli across the street. Neither is Uncle Ben and the iconic story of how Parker let a burglar escape, only to find out later it was that same man who killed his uncle. And Marvel would be smart to include the teen in a subsequent movie.

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True to all Marvel movies, there are a ton of Easter eggs that may have been missed by the casual fan.

Michelle/M.J. -whose last name we still don't know-will be even harder to box into damsel-in-distress territory, thanks to all the agency she's been given already. And this is a flawless goal for a character in high school, as Parker repeatedly texts his Avengers contact, Happy, trying to get in touch with Tony Stark like an obsessed boyfriend. She eventually graduates and works at the Daily Bugle with Peter Parker. He does a turn as the villain, Hobgoblin as well.

Like how does Peter not get expelled from school when he seems to leave every day, whenever he wants, for crime-fighting? He hosts the Venom symbiote for a while as "Agent Venom".

GettyMichael Mando plays Mac Gargan.

Vulture-eyed fans might have spotted a hidden villain in Homecoming: The Scorpion. He hosted the Venom symbiote for a short time too. Formerly a criminal who ran with his brother Jefferson Davis, Aaron never reformed, even after Jeff did. We will check them for you Monday morning on "Good Morning Richmond".

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