Which 'Dark Universe' Movie Are You Most Excited for?

Emmett Rice
June 23, 2017

However, with its blend of action, spooks and laughs, some nicely filmed sequences and a decent effort by Cruise, this latest "Mummy" is, like numerous other recent big-budget, more worth seeing than not. Angelina Jolie (who has kicked a butt or two in past movies) is reportedly the first choice for the role, which will undoubtedly be expanded from the iconic scene she appeared in at the conclusion of director James Whale's monster movie classic. This is the Dark Universe connective thread that will launch us into future movies starring the Invisible Man, Frankenstein and the rest.

However, The Telegraph's critic is slightly more convinced, describing the film as "patently ridiculous - and surprisingly watchable". Or something else entirely?

Exciting is how his co-star also describes her Mummy experience, exciting and death-defying with Cruise of course insistent they all do their own stunts.

When Tom Cruise arrived at the place on the carpet where Wild Bill was waiting, it turned into more than just a question and answer session, it turned into a full-fledged acting lesson from the biggest movie star in the universe.

Cruise's character Nick Morton meets with Dr. Jekyll, played by Russell Crowe, at his headquarters for the Prodigium, the organization that protects the world against supernatural threats. Take a look at Episode 6 of The JOE Show - Ireland's first social chat show - featuring live studio guests Otherkin, the stars of Baywatch and The Mummy, there's music from Pine The Pilcrow, crackin' new comedy from Shifts, and Kymann Power and Joe Gorman bust some sexy moves with the Lords Of Strut.

After uncovering a centuries-old sarcophagus, Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) unwittingly unleashes Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) on the world in The Mummy.

Tom Cruise is hoping to jump-start Universal's monster movies and turn them into a Marvel-like mega-franchise. All of these films are being developed as installments of the "Dark Universe", with "Bride of Frankenstein" already on the calendar for Valentine's Day 2019.

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What's most interesting is the film's supposedly the beginning of Universal's new "Dark Universe".

"You can't prepare for it and it's quite unnerving because Tom had never done anything like that before, the stunt team had never done it", she adds, "so it was incredible to go into an action sequence with the biggest action star in the world and for him to do it for the first time with me".

For a hard-core Tom cruise fan this movie was a tear jerker!

Nick and Chris uncover Ahmanet's tomb in the middle of a war zone in Iraq, but are thwarted from tomb raiding by archeologist and love interest Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis).

Cruise is entertainingly likable as the roguish, witty Morton, and as usual, does well with the action sequences (he's getting really good at running away from sandstorms).

Yes, I know what you're thinking.

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