Cosby alternate juror 'probably' would have voted to convict

Emmett Rice
June 20, 2017

After pressure from the judge to reach a decision, the jury deadlocked and the judge granted a mistrial.

Cosby was seen waving in jubilation as he left the Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania following the judge's decision on Saturday.

Cosby's camp has said he turned down a plea deal that would have spared him jail time, but District Attorney Kevin Steele's spokeswoman, Kate Delano, said Monday: "We never offered him a plea deal".

Then, a Twitter meme campaign by the Cosby team went awry.

Dozens of women have come forward to say Cosby had drugged and assaulted them, but this was the only case to result in criminal charges.

Steele, who is a career prosecutor, will have insights in the retrial that he did not have in the first trial: He and his key witnesses have now gotten a detailed view of the defense team's strategy and its methods of handling cross-examinations.

"I wanted to get up and clap", he said of her testimony.

Troiani acknowledged the difficulty of the case, given the passage of time and the impact of the alleged drugging on Constand's ability to recall details.

The mistrial isn't as conclusive a failure as the most widely feared outcome, a not-guilty verdict.

Prosecutors plan to retry Cosby.

Appearing on the "DVE Morning Show", McCloskey told host Randy Baumann he was surprised to be chosen as a member of the jury but attributed it to his lack of following the case previously on social media.

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He also said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl before the "petting" began. He also found success with his "Fat Albert" animated TV show and starred in commercials for Jell-O pudding.

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The district attorney at the time declined to press charges, citing insufficient evidence. "Overtly arrogant, collaborating with the district attorney", said her statement, which was read by Wyatt and tweeted by her husband.

Meanwhile, the judge has assured that he would try to schedule a new trial within 120 days. "It has been restored".

Cosby broke barriers as the first black actor to star in a network show, "I Spy", in the 1960s and created the top-ranked "Cosby Show" two decades later, starring as kindly Dr. Cliff Huxtable. The only public legal ramifications have been a 2006 civil settlement with Constand (for an undisclosed monetary amount that the court barred from discussion in the criminal trial, and which Cosby sought to reclaim from Constand last year).

"Bill Cosby's rape case", said Armour, who teaches at the University of South California. Prosecutors suggested he drugged her with something stronger.

It's understandable they would think that; for most of America's history, women's allegations of sexual assault were not to be believed - even when men stated something as true that was clearly a lie.

"Which instructs the jury to keep looking at the evidence and keep working hard and not to surrender their own beliefs and listen to each other".

On Saturday, after they reported to O'Neill they were at an impasse and would not be able to reach a consensus, he was forced to call a mistrial.

Judge O'Neill has ordered the jurors to not speak to the media on why they could not reach a decision after 52 hours of deliberation and a week of testimony.

"I felt like we let Andrea down", McCloskey said.

He reminded prosecutors and the defense that "a mistrial is neither vindication nor victory for anybody."It wasn't immediately known how many jurors wanted to convict and how many wanted to acquit".

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