Apple 'has been co-operating' with United Kingdom government to investigate terror attacks

Aaron Brown
June 7, 2017

"We have been co-operating with the United Kingdom government not only in law enforcement kind of matters but on some of the attacks", Cook told Bloomberg. If the regulatory bodies have come asking for confidential info, but through the correct lawful process, then Apple has acted ever so promptly and handed down the information required by the police. The government has said that it plans to clamp down on violent extremism, and has arrested several people with alleged ties to recent attacks on citizens, including a suicide bombing in May that killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena.

The Apple CEO stated that although there is end-to-end encryption in apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp, there is a lot of information that information technology companies can share in the form of metadata. Last year, Apple had a major row with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was seeking information on a California gunman who had an iPhone. The FBI wanted Apple to break the encryption of the iPhone through a special version of the iOS to look into the shooter's communications. Cook sent an email to staff last week reassuring them that Apple would continue to protect the environment.

The environment wasn't the only political difference with Trump that Cook expressed during the interview. Prime minister Theresa May has been demanding new digital regulations to combat extremism following a terrorist attack in London last weekend, and Apple has previously been criticized by the United Kingdom government for its support of end-to-end encryption.

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Still, Cook said that he will remain an advisor to the president.

Following Apple's keynote address to kick off WWDC, Tim Cook sat down with Bloomberg for a wide-ranging interview discussing Apple's announcements today, President Trump and the Paris climate pact, and much more... Cook said he will continue to advise the president on matters that are important to him and the US, such as the Paris climate accord.

"He decided wrong", Cook said, adding that the move was not in the best interest of the country.

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