Mysterious Neill Blomkamp Project Oats Studio Has Its First Trailer

Todd Singleton
June 3, 2017

He first rose to prominence with a series of impressive short films like Alive in Joburg, which served as the inspiration for the blockbuster District 9 (which earned four Academy Award nomination). A new trailer, released today, for a short film now named "Volume 1" will stream on Steam "soon".

Although many fans were upset that filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, Elysium and Chappie, was no longer making his Alien sequel, they'd be happy to see his latest work in the new Oats Studios project. Known as Oats Studios "Volume 1," these films aren't coming to the art-house cinema or even YouTube. This kind of business model can ensure that the movies being made are the ones that fans want to see: Take note Hollywood!

While the trope is a familiar one, Blomkamp's new film feels a lot like the possible fallout from Independence Day if it were the aliens-not the humans-who won the day.

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No official release has been announced yet, but on Neill Blomkamp's Twitter he discusses possibility of releasing "Volume 1" of the Oats Studios shorts on YouTube for free, with premium extras available for a fee.

The first trailer, which is simply titled Oats: Volume 1, appears to be a science fiction tale, with shots of aliens and discussions that aliens have landed on Earth with the sole objective of wiping us out. As noted by io9, Blomkamp has previously expressed a desire to use Valve's Steam as a distribution for short films, but neither the teaser video nor the web page confirm that. "The new world altered everyone", says the foreboding female voiceover.

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