Daredevils' climb of Golden Gate Bridge prompts security review

Terry Joseph
May 18, 2017

At one point, the two are seen hanging off the edge of one of the bridge's towers, seemingly without any safety equipment, with just their fingertips for support. "The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous, is one of the tallest of its kind. These climbers' reckless actions could have caused immeasurable harm to those driving below".

According to SFist, the two ignored trespassing signs and managed to get their way past a multi-million dollar security system to make it to the bridge at sunset.

The men - identified by the LA Times as Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector - apparently began their climb from the west sidewalk, which is generally used for cyclists and maintenance vehicles. In 2012, a man climbed the suspension cables of the bridge, and in 2008, three protesters hung a "Free Tibet" sign from the top of the bridge. "And if they do, we will bring the full consequences that we can, both civilly and criminally, to bear upon them", Mulligan said. Two teens recently did a unsafe stunt by climbing the Golden Gate Bridge without any safety gear and the video which has now gone viral is terrifying and risky.

Before performing a stunt, he said, they made sure the road was clear.

"This incident raises questions about how such an unauthorized climb was possible and the potential harm to drivers below if one of the climbers had fallen onto the roadway", Priya David Clemens, of Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said.

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Teatime said that while the act is illegal, it is a must-do for explorers as it is has an unbelievable view and is also the tallest structure in the US.

Authorities are now looking at ways to safeguard the bridge as well as to boost security to ensure similar acts don't occur in the future, Locati said.

A YouTube video of a daring stunt on the Golden Gate Bridge is going viral. Authorities don't know how the climbers got access to the bridge since their visit didn't trigger any alarms.

Locati said the bridge's security system was "not created to protect thrill-seekers from harming themselves". "We weren't doing anything wrong", he says, adding that he can offer bridge officials tips on improving security.

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