Google working on Fuchsia OS, mobile UI shown off in screenshots

Todd Singleton
May 10, 2017

Today, we got a first look at a brand new operating system that Google has been building called Fuchsia. Unlike Android or Chrome OS that are based on Linux, Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called "Magenta" instead.

APDetails about Google's new mystery operating system, Fuchsia, appeared on Ars Technica on Tuesday, which gives us a better idea of what Fuchsia is for. Now, according to Ars Technica, Google's secret project has a new user interface (UI) which is a card-based design for managing multiple applications.

The Fuchsia UI starts with a round profile picture that, when tapped, will show controls for sound and brightness, toggles for Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, and rotation lock, as well as info like your Wi-Fi and mobile networks. This does not mean that Fuchsia is ready to be shipped in a working device - far from it, but it is a radical departure from what millions of Android and Chrome users are used to. Then again, it's also possible that the OS will remain pretty obscure well past the half-decade mark, much like Microsoft's Midori. Fuchsia developer Travis Geiselbrecht has said that the OS isn't a "toy thing" or a "dumping ground of a dead thing that we don't care about anymore".

With Armadillo, different cards can be dragged around for use in a split-screen or tabbed interface. A third app can also be included.

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The Fuchsia interface will be written in Flutter SDK which is supported across platforms. The home screen, keyboard, home button are all new although nothing actually works. Apparently, while running on a smartphone or tablet, it has a card-based setup. You build a new one, of course.

On top of the profile section are a group of cards named 'Story [Something]' which would be "a set of apps and/or modules that work together for the user to achieve a goal", as described by the Readme in Fuschia source code.

Fuchsia OS first made an appearance back in August. Needless to say, you are now able to keep adding apps to the split screen view until the whole thing crashes, so it might need some reigning in. While Android is a wonderful mobile OS in its own right, licensing issues, JavaScript, and its roots in the mobile ecosystem of 2008 have caused Google trouble and tied the OS down in the past.

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